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In the words of Wikipedia, “Normcore is an emerging cultural trend focusing on “coolness that opts into sameness.” Jeremy Lewis, the founder of Garmento calls Normcore “one facet of a growing anti-fashion sentiment.”

This fashion term, coined by NYC-based  creative trend forecasting collective: K-hole, encompasses all that is casual, frumpy and basic to our wardrobes. It means dressing down, wearing the most casual of things and owning it.

This description from slate.com aptly decsribes NORMCORE.

Normcore is gray sweatpants pretending to be trousers. Normcore is a seen-better-days faun-colored golf knit. Normcore is an unlogo’d sneaker. Normcore is the opposite of wearing a pair of white patent-leather bejeweled Versace assless chaps. Normcore knows nothing of fluorescent-studded Louboutin sneakers. Normcore is safe. Normcore is same-y. Normcore is not brave or butch or swagger-y.

Here are three outfits embodying this trend.normcore 1 normcore 2 normcore 3 normcore 4high waisted shorts- tibet mall, white crop top- chemistry normcore 5 normcore 6 normcore 7 normcore 8 flannel- shopper’s stop, sheer panel dress- commercial street, patent oxfords- catwalknormcore 9 normcore 10 normcore 11hello kitty crop top- delias, body con skirt- rattrap, nike kicks, neon socks- bata


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Hair Update | Flamehead

Hair Update | Flamehead

Flamehead, haha, that’s what my friend called me after I showed him my hair colour. Reddish copper highlights. ;) Colour: Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Red Salon: Lakme Finally some change, at the same time retaining the length of my hair! x … Continue reading

March Favorites

Arzoo Nagraik

Fashion designer extraordinaire who made this beautiful two piece for me.  A lovely woman and a gifted seamstress.

Top: Rs. 300, Skirt: Rs. 550.

Facebook: Arzoo Nagraikfaves 1


I always found the idea of listening to a book weird. I love the feeling of a paperback between my fingers, the rustle of pages, the smell of a well-worn familiar object that transports me to another land every time I pick it up. But most of all, I love to imagine the voice and appearance of the characters the way I want to. I thought listening to an e-book would be like watching a movie based on a book and thinking ‘that was nothing like the way I imagined it!’ That just leads to disappointment.

But when I read The Fault In Our Stars on Audible.com using my free trial, I loved it so much I thought I’d share it with you. The speaker modulates her voice in a way so realistic that it’s just as good as reading the physical book.faves 5

Beauty Products

This repairing hair masque from Loreal has done wonders to my hair in terms of softening. I’m also loving this body wash by Pears because it is so functional; look how wonderfully it hangs!faves 2

Rixton: Me & My Broken Heart

I’m falling in love with these boys and this song.



Who knew I’d like video games. My guy friends got me into it and it’s almost like the real thing hahafaves 7

Gifts from the boyf

He’s got great taste, hasn’t he?

Black studded top: Max, Crystal: Centralfaves 6


“Whaddup everyone, it’s your giiiiirl SUPERWOMAN”

Everytime I hear that I automatically smile. She’s got a great sense of humour and I’m addicted to her videos. Best part is, she’s indian!faves 8

Black Studded Flats- Max

Super edgy, super me.DSC02579


Huehuehue I’m such an adult. I just started driving classes and I love it.

Nirvana Tote Bag

Lovin’ this baby and luggin’ it everywhere.faves 9

New Buy + Review: Enroute Black Wedges

I’ve been a flipkart regular for a while now but when they started to branch out to clothes and shoes, I was a little hesitant to try it out. I guess I was wrong because these bad boys have now become my favorite pair of wedges. Flipkart has always been great with delivery and timing. They have a number of brands for footwear and this particular one, I had never shopped from before. The name of the brand is enroute and they are pretty expensive. Luckily, flipkart offers various discounts and so I decided I had to get my hands on these. The heel is 4.9 inches, but since they’re wedges they’re absolutely comfortable.  These shoes were for Rs. 3999, but due to the discounts, I got them for Rs. 1,499! They are also true to size, so totally worth it!


My Review:

Quality- ♥♥♥♥

True To Size- ♥♥♥♥♥

Cost- ♥♥♥♥

Shipping and Handling + Customer Service- ♥♥♥♥♥

Collection on the site- ♥♥♥♥♥